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The Official affiliate of the NRA

 The Oklahoma Rifle Association  is  one and only affiliate of the  National  Rifle Association.  You can rest  assured that the ORA will remain  stead fast in its defense of the 2nd  Amendment.

Founding of the ORA


The Oklahoma Rifle Association was originally founded in 1927 and incorporated with the State of  Oklahoma 24 July 1941. The vision now, was that the united voices of separate clubs are more powerful  than standing alone. The service and representation of these members is our absolute highest priority.

Since 1927 the ORA is the only Affiliated State Association of the NRA.​


And a Commitment to Our Members

 The primary emphasis of the ORA is to represent our members and member clubs on second amendment, educational and policy issues of statewide and national importance that cannot be easily handled by individual member clubs. 

This translates into many activities, ranging from educational booths at outdoor shows to hiring lobbyists in Oklahoma City. Some other examples include taking the lead on statewide ballot measures, testifying at the Boards of Fisheries and Game, and interacting with Administrative agencies on critical statewide issues. 

Our longevity and grassroots membership have made us well-known among decision makers in Oklahoma City.

Our policies and procedures are derived from the grass roots up. Everything we do and stand for comes from the  membership. We welcome and encourage your involvement; from participation at the Annual Meeting to serving on a host of ORA Outdoor Committees. The ORA Board Members are elected by the membership during the Annual ORA Meeting.  To see how you can get involved, contact us or you can complete our application to join the Oklahoma Rifle Association.


Oklahoma Rifle Association Mission Statement

The mission of the ORA is to protect, preserve, and defend the second amendment, shooting sports and hunting rights at the state level. ORA will defend the Second Amendment by working with state legislators, fighting for pro-gun candidates, and supporting pro-gun legislation.

ORA will promote and improve the shooting sports by sponsoring marksmanship training and competitions throughout the state of Oklahoma.

ORA will work for the rights of the gun owner, shooter, collector, hunter, archer, and black  powder enthusiast. ORA will support the free exchange of ideas, information, and education related to gun ownership, shooting, hunting, firearms, and related topics.

With a Commitment to Oklahoma

Based on extensive input from members and member clubs, here are our goals and commitments:
Perpetuation of hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting rights.  Assurance of equal access to and the common use of public lands and resources, Preservation of critical wildlife habitat, Equality among users of public resources, Dedication to continued public education on renewable resource management.  Participation in legislative, regulatory, administrative and judicial policy-making decisions affecting Oklahoma's natural resources and their uses.