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ORA Bulletins

ORA President Jerry Tomilson has called a meeting of the Board of Directors for Saturday November 3, 2018 at 9;30 a.m. at Shoot-N-Irons in Shawnee, Oklahoma

We would like to thank Don Scott for his outstanding performance and dedication as the ORA President.  We wish him the very best and know he'll continue fighting right beside us.  We would also like to thank Ralph Zeller for 20 outstanding years as ORA Secretary no doubt Ralph will be by our side as well thank you both!

The ORA would like to welcome and congratulate new ORA President Jerry Tomilson, ORA Secretary Rita Barrett and ORA Treasurer Katherine Zeller

Please visit Code of Vets website or Twitter!  No one supports our veterans and freedom like Gretchen does.  Simply lick on the Code of Vets Link Below.

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Oklahoma Legislation

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We are your first line of defense when it comes to  our second amendment rights in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Rifle Association, join the oklahoma rifle association, www.oklarifle.com.

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